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    APRIL, 2006

    Mt. McKinley and Wonder Lake,
    Denali National Park, Alaska
    ID# AK/4002

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    I proposed to my wife not far from the very spot where I took this picture. Not long after we got married we got our first dog, her name is Denali, in honor of the place where we became engaged. Now, in honor of Denali's birthday this month, I thought I'd put up this image. I had spent two summers working in Denali National Park and got many shots of Mt. McKinley. I think this one's my favorite. There are so many shots of this magnificent mountain that to take an original shot is a real challenge. It's important when shooting iconic subjects, like Mt. McKinley or Half Dome or the Golden Gate Bridge, to really look for your own personal shot. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this pier in the shot, but I've never seen one. I think it adds a little bit of human interest to it.